On Saturday evening, April 13th, 2024, Surya Ensemble had the pleasure of attending the CONVERGE ATL 2024 Nonprofit Kickoff Event, one of the most exciting music events Atlanta has to offer.

The event brought together a diverse group of creatives to celebrate achievements, ignite new ideas, and network with one another. This event marked the beginning of an inspiring journey for CONVERGE ATL, an organization that’s dedicated to empowering creatives to use their talents for social good.


During the event, Michelle met with Jazzy Elise, an artist who creates handmade originals, prints, clocks, and journals


The Essence of CONVERGE ATL

CONVERGE ATL is more than just an organization – it’s a movement whose mission is creating positive impacts through creativity. By adhering to its five core principles – CREATE, COLLABORATE, CULTIVATE, CONNECT, and CONVERGE – this Atlanta-based nonprofit aims to unite creatives from various fields to drive community engagement and social change.

Through workshops, networking events, competitions, and collaborative projects, CONVERGE ATL promotes creative education and celebrates the powerful role of creativity in making a difference.


Michelle is writing a Note to patients at the event


A Night to Remember

Hosted at The Works, a vibrant and bustling space located in the heart of Atlanta’s Upper Westside, the event was a true celebration of creativity.

The Chattahoochee Food Works, a 31-vendor food hall, served as the perfect backdrop. The food hall, known for highlighting the best of Atlanta’s culinary scene, offered an array of delicious food and refreshments, which enhanced the festive atmosphere. Attendees also enjoyed a large communal indoor/outdoor bar and expansive outdoor seating, perfect for socializing and networking.



Michelle is posting Notes to patients at the event


The evening featured a variety of activities that showcased the talents and creativity of Atlanta’s community. From creative workshops to live entertainment, the event had something for everyone.

The atmosphere was electric, filled with the energy and enthusiasm of creatives coming together to share and celebrate their talents.

A standout was the raffle and creative awards segment, where participants were recognized for their contributions to the creative community based on the five core principles of CONVERGE ATL.


Michelle met with the Soul Sessions team


Surya Ensemble at CONVERGE ATL

As a world music group based in Atlanta, Surya Ensemble was thrilled to be a part of this celebration of creativity.

Our member Michelle attended the event to promote our upcoming music concerts in Atlanta and to network with other creatives. She had nothing but great things to say about the experience. “What a great event!” Michelle exclaimed. “We had a great time connecting with Soul Sessions and getting creative on canvas from Sam Flax. Super impressed by the talented vendors showcased at the event too!”


Soul Sessions share idea cards


For those who may not be familiar with Surya Ensemble, we are a group of creative world musicians who host live music shows in Atlanta. Our members include Michelle on Violin, Ankit on Shehnai, Nima on Daff (Persian drum), Catherine on Viola, Sean on Guitar, and Maria as our cultural dancer.

We pride ourselves on being a true East meets West fusion, with a focus on musical storytelling and unique instruments. Our performances offer audiences a rich, immersive experience that goes beyond typical music concerts in Atlanta.


Event Highlights and Activities

The event was a whirlwind of creativity and engagement. Jeeva, the Brand Ambassador of Surya Ensemble, also took part in a large participatory mural hosted by art supply store Sam Flax at the event. This mural, a testament to the collaborative spirit of the event, saw contributions from numerous attendees, each leaving their unique mark. Jeeva also ensured to leave Surya’s mark on the mural!


Michelle and Jeeva met with the event’s co-founder Andrew


During the event, Michelle and Jeeva had the opportunity to meet with Andrew, the co-founder of CONVERGE ATL. They visited all the booths with the many artist vendors, making a special stop at the Soul Sessions booth. Soul Sessions are facilitated group sessions for life changes, offering a unique opportunity for individuals to connect and share their thoughts in a judgment-free zone.

What’s more, attendees at the CONVERGE ATL event had the opportunity to write uplifting and positive notes to in-patients at a nearby hospital, further exemplifying the event’s commitment to community and social good.


Jeeva left Surya’s mark on the SamFlax Mural


Looking Forward: The COLLABORATE Canvas Unveiling

As the CONVERGE ATL Nonprofit Kickoff Event came to a close, anticipation began to build for the next exciting event on the horizon for Surya.

Our ensemble will be attending CONVERGE ATL’s next event, the COLLABORATE Canvas Unveiling, which will take place on Friday evening, May 31.

Organized by Buckhead Art & Company, this event will unveil the artwork from CONVERGE’s launch event on April 13. The unveiling will be accompanied by a silent auction, serving as a fundraiser for both CONVERGE ATL and the BAC Foundation. So if you’re looking for things to do in Atlanta that celebrate creativity and connect you with other like-minded individuals, we highly recommend checking out this event!

The events organized by CONVERGE ATL are more than just gatherings – they are a testament to the power of creativity in uniting people and driving positive change. For anyone looking for enriching activities in Atlanta or searching for unique music events in Atlanta, CONVERGE ATL offers an incredible platform. Whether through music shows, creative workshops, or community projects, there’s always something inspiring happening.


Michelle is looking at the colorful Atlanta Rap Map artwork in the venue


Join us at the COLLABORATE Canvas Unveiling event and be a part of this vibrant community dedicated to celebrating and harnessing creativity for the greater good.

Also, for more information on upcoming events and to learn more about Surya Ensemble’s live music concerts in Atlanta, check our website regularly and follow us on social media.