Surya Ensemble, our world music group, had the privilege of attending the Converge ATL Fundraiser Event on Friday evening, May 31, 2024. The event, which was a Collaborate Canvas Unveiling Fundraiser, took place at the beautiful Buckhead Art & Company, an art gallery nestled in one of the most stunning parts of Atlanta. As a group of creative world musicians, known for captivating live music concerts in Atlanta, Surya was thrilled to be part of this exceptional event that celebrated music, art, and creativity. The collaborative canvas unveiling fundraiser event provided a perfect backdrop for Surya Ensemble to promote our unique musical experiences.

Buckhead Art & Company, which was founded in 2016 in Buckhead Village, a world-renowned shopping destination known for its luxury and elegance, specializes in contemporary fine art by established talented artists from across the United States. The gallery and event space have become a hub for creatives and artists, with several private and public events taking place regularly, all aimed at bringing people together in a creative environment. The setting was ideal for the convergence of art and music, two powerful forms of expression.

Surya Ensemble’s presence at the event was not just to enjoy the festivities but also to promote our own music concerts in Atlanta. Ankit, who plays the Shehnai, attended the event, showcasing Surya’s commitment to supporting local arts and creative initiatives. Ankit was also impressed by the gallery’s beauty and the event’s organization. Surya’s engagement in such events underscores their dedication to being an integral part of the cultural fabric of Atlanta.

Converge ATL, the organization that Surya Ensemble supported at the event, is an Atlanta-based nonprofit that empowers people to use their creative talents for social good in Atlanta. Founded by two talented and well-spoken SCAD students, Andrew Kearney and Melissa Richardson, Converge ATL is a platform for Atlanta-based creatives to create, collaborate, cultivate, connect, and converge together.

Andrew Kearney, Co-founder and President of CONVERGE ATL, is a dynamic entrepreneur, SCAD student-athlete, speaker, educator, photographer, and videographer. Melissa Richardson, an artist and illustrator, complements Andrew’s vision with her artistic talents. Together, they aspire to celebrate and inspire creativity throughout Atlanta, and make a positive impact through their work.



From creative workshops to networking events and competitions, Converge ATL aims to drive creativity and connection across industries to create positive impacts in the city of Atlanta. The fundraiser event at Buckhead Art & Company was one of the many community engagements that Converge ATL organizes, which includes events, media pieces, collaborative efforts, art installations, and more, all aimed at uniting the city of Atlanta through creativity.

The Converge ATL Fundraiser Event was a true celebration of creativity, with the unveiling of the COLLABORATE Canvas, a collaborative splatter paint mural designed to show how people can come together and make something beautiful. The collaborative canvas symbolizes the unity and creative spirit of Atlanta’s artistic community.

The night was enlivened by live music from Amanda Belair, a talented singer from Between Dreams Sessions. Her soulful performance added a magical touch to the event, making it a memorable experience for all attendees.

Guests were further treated to complimentary wine and food, and a silent auction was held to help raise money for Converge ATL and Buckhead Art & Company’s new foundation.

The event was an excellent opportunity for socializing and getting to know each other better, with guests mingling and admiring the gallery’s art pieces. The combination of live music, art, food, and meaningful conversation created an unforgettable experience. Converge ATL expressed their gratitude to the talent-filled Buckhead Art & Company for holding the event in their space, and attendees raved about the good times they had.


The CONVERGE ATL Fundraiser Event was a resounding success, bringing together artists, musicians, and supporters in a celebration of creativity and community. The event was a shining example of how music and art can unite people, inspire positive change, and create lasting memories.

Surya Ensemble was thrilled to attend such a meaningful event and we look forward to future collaborations with CONVERGE ATL. As a group that focuses on musical storytelling and unique instruments, we are excited to continue to host live music concerts in Atlanta and be part of the city’s thriving music and art scene.

If you’re looking for engaging things to do in Atlanta or activities in Atlanta that celebrate the city’s vibrant creative community, keep an eye on Surya Ensemble’s live music concerts and Converge ATL’s events. These music concerts and events in Atlanta are not to be missed as they offer a true celebration of creativity and collaboration! So stay tuned for our upcoming music shows in Atlanta and join us in our journey to enrich the cultural landscape of the city.