On March 28th, Surya Ensemble took the stage for their very first music concert in Atlanta, called “Elements.”  This invite-only event promised (and delivered) a truly unique experience, going beyond borders and genres.

Surya made their debut at Magnolia Hall in Piedmont Park, captivating the audience with a fusion of world music, cultural dance, and a narrative journey through the elements – wind, water, earth, and fire.

The talented ensemble of musicians is a beacon of creativity and cultural exploration, each of them bringing their unique flair to the stage. Named after the sun itself, Surya represents enlightenment and emergence from the darkness, and this theme was echoed in their debut performance on that night.

Ankit on Shehnai, Michelle on Violin, Nima on Daff (Persian drum), Catherine on Viola, Sean on Guitar, and Maria, the cultural dancer, form the core of this eclectic group. Their collective talents transcend boundaries, blending traditional and modern elements to captivate audiences with a true East-meets-West fusion. They create an unforgettable experience for the spectators.



The intimate Magnolia Hall venue provided the perfect backdrop for Surya Ensemble’s enchanting performance. From the cozy ambiance illuminated by flickering candles to the rustic brick texture of the venue’s walls, every detail enhanced the fascinating experience. The dimly lit space and rustic charm set the stage for an evening of auditory and visual delight.

As the musicians took the stage that was bathed in the warm glow of the neon “SURYA” sign, the audience was transported into a world of musical storytelling. Engaging with the performers on a personal level, attendees found themselves captivated by the soulful melodies and energetic rhythms that emanated from the stage.

While some guests faced delays due to Atlanta’s notorious traffic, those who made it were treated to something truly special. The audience members weren’t just passive spectators; they were part of the experience, vibing with the performers in a way that felt so close and personal. From the feisty beats to the soulful melodies, every song hit just right, leaving the audience in awe and craving more.



Ultimately, Surya’s launching concert was a resounding success. From the soulful strains of the Shehnai to the infectious beats of the Persian drums, every note had the crowd hooked. And when the concert ended, the buzz in the air was electric.

Following the concert, attendees expressed their overwhelming enthusiasm and appreciation for Surya Ensemble’s unique blend of sounds and styles. I caught up with some of the attendees in the crowd, and they had nothing but praise for the performance.

One person said it felt like they were experiencing “Disney magic,” admitting that the production, the lighting, the music, and the passion at this event were amazing.

Somebody else said, “Every single song and scene made me feel some sort of mood or emotion, and I love music like that.”



Another audience member reflected on the soulful essence of Surya’s music, stating, “This is soulful music. This gives back to ourselves. No matter if you like hip-hop, rap, country, whatever it is you like, but this is authentic. This is our soul music.”

One attendee remarked, “That was feisty, I was absolutely blown away,” capturing the sentiment of awe and wonder that filled the evening. “I practically smelled the fire,” exclaimed another.

As one guest eloquently put it, “It was so immersive. It was a lot of energy. It was fantastic. I really enjoyed being here. I thought it was a wonderful tapestry of music.” And most likely, this statement summed it up perfectly.

Indeed, Surya’s inaugural concert in Atlanta was not just a musical event but a cultural celebration, bridging divides and fostering connections through the universal language of music.



But here’s the best part: this is just the beginning for Surya! They’ve got another music show lined up for April 18th, once again at Magnolia Hall in Atlanta, and you better believe it’s gonna be just as epic.

For those eager to experience the magic of Surya Ensemble firsthand, tickets to their upcoming music events in Atlanta and further information are available on the Surya Ensemble website.

So if you’re ready to live through the magic of music like never before, be sure to snag your tickets ASAP. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this musical journey!